Windows update error 8024402f when behind a Linksys Firewall

I had a problem today where I could not get any computer on a network to run Windows Update. It kept giving me error 8024402f. I checked if I could get Windows Update from my laptop and it also gave me the same error. I knew that I had run the updates just a day ago so that my laptop was fine and that it must be something with the network.

The firewall on the network was a Linksys RV082 and once I logged in I found a setting under firewall, general that was set to block Active X. I unchecked the box, clicked save, and now people can get Microsoft Updates.

User could net set default printer / adding new printer gave error

We had a user who could not select any printer to the be there default printer. They could print to any printer on the network just fine, but they could not get the little green check box on the printer to show to indicate that it was a default printer. When I tried to add a new printer I got the message “default printer cannot be set” when I finished the add printer wizard.

I checked in the registry where the default printer is set for the user: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows under the “default” data key and saw a printer that no longer existed. When I tried to change the setting there it gave me an access is denied. That is when I figured out for some reason the user on the computer was being denied access to that registry key.

Once I removed the deny permissions from the key he was able to set his default printer.



Congratulation Rehab Vintage – SMB Tech Makeover Video Contest Winning Entry

SMB Tech Makeover Video Contest

We heard about a contest from Microsoft, Intel, and HP to submit a video and win a technical make over for one of our clients. The first person we thought of that was Patrick at Rehab Vintage in Los Angeles. We knew from working with him that he had older computers, a server that died, and was being held back by old technology. As you can see from the video that Patrick has a really neat store and we want him to thrive. Congratulations Patrick!

Outlook hangs on attaching PDF documents to email

Had a problem today with a machine running Windows XP when attaching PDF documents in Outlook 2007 that it would just hang. I could attach other document type like Word and Excel. The culprit once again was Adobe Reader X. Uninstalling Adobe Reader X and installing Adobe Reader 9.5 fixed the issue. I did some more testing and was able to fix the issue also by changing how Outlook previews documents.

You can turn off document preview by going to, tools, trust center, clicking on attachment handling, and checking the box ‘Turn Off Attachment Preview’

Connect 64 bit computer to 32 bit computers print spooler

Recently had someone trying to print from a Windows 7 64 bit computer to a print queue on a machine that was running Windows XP 32 bit and could not get the 64 bit drivers loaded for it. To get around this I created a local port on the Windows 7 computer to the Windows XP print queue.

To add that port go to Devices and Printers, click on add a printer, add a local printer, click on create a new port and leave ‘local port’ selected.

Click on Next and it will bring up a small dialogue box and you just put in the computer name that you want to connect to and the name of the print queue on that computer. You do you need to have it in the \\ format:


Click OK and from there and then next. From there it will let you add a print driver as normal.

Adobe Reader X slow to print scanned documents on Windows 7

Today someone called and the scanned documents that they had received were really slow to print. Something like 1 page every 5 minutes. The first thing that I tried was to use a different printer and then to use a different print driver changing for PCL6 to postscript. I thought it might actually be Adobe Reader and tested that by installing Foxit PDF Reader and was able to print the document quickly. The user wanted to stay with Adobe Reader so I decided to download Adobe Reader 9 from and that was also able to print just fine.


Install of AOL Desktop changed all shortcut / .lnk files to try and open AOL

Had a problem with the AOL Desktop on Windows 7 where after install it changed all of the shortcuts on the computer to try and open with AOL. I looked at the entries in the registry that I thought would effect the .lnk files at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile\shell\open\command and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.lnk, but they looked good to me. I compared them against my registry and also the reg file located at this post about .lnk files
and everything looked good.

What I learned is that there is yet another registry that controls file associations that is for individual users on the machine – This is also known as the “Open With List” in Windows. That is located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.lnk\OpenWithList

In that key I deleted the entry that was “a – reg_sz – waol.exe”

Restarting the computer changed all of the icons for the shortcuts back to normal.